Training Curriculum

VIII. Dolchfechten
(Medieval Dagger Techniques)

Two-handed knee lift

Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1 Figure 2 In figure 1, Dave has attacked, again, with an Oberstich at Hugh’s face from the basic starting position we’ve been using all along. Hugh, holding his dagger in a natural grip, passes forward with his right foot while displacing Dave’s thrust to his right in a counter-clockwise arc.

In figure 2, Hugh continues the circular motion of his displacement. It is important as you do this to move fast and hard, always pressing your opponent’s arm ahead of your displacement and in firm contact with your arm; falter even for an instant and he will be able to pull his hand back and will then be able to attack again.

Figure 3 Figure 4
Figure 3 Figure 4 In figure 3, Hugh has continued the circular motion of his displacement all the way around until he can place the blade of his dagger behind Dave’s knee; note that Dave’s arm is still caught (he could yank it out at this point, but it’s too late). Hugh grabs the point of his blade with his left hand.

In figure 4, Hugh pulls up with both hands to lift Dave; Hugh should pass backward with his right foot while lifting with both hands very sharply and forcefully to throw Dave backward onto his head. (Talhoffer 1467, plate 186)

Video of complete move: