Albion Swords
Probably the very best swords available

Arms & Armor
Superb weapons; they make our class practice sword, the Fechterspiel

The absolute best wasters

Therion Arms
Low- to mid-quality gear; operated by an excellent businessman

Jan Chodkiewicz: Ensifer
High-quality Fechterschwert

Regenyei Péter: Regenyei Armory
High-quality Fechterschwert


Best Armor
A high-quality armorer from Czechoslovakia

Jeff Wasson, Armorer
A very highly skilled armorer

Windrose Armory
Good, solid stuff

Anshelm Armory
Solid, mid-level armorer
Decent quality arming doublets (in spite of the name)

Historic Enterprises
A high-quality store selling arming clothes, mail, and high-end custom-made armor


Freelance Academy Press
A supplier of excellent books on HEMA

Hugh Knight's books
All the books you need for class

Other Equipment and Supplies:

Uniform Jackets
These are the standard uniform jackets for DSS classes

Absolute Force Gear
Protective gear for unarmored practice

DSS Cafe Press Store
The place to buy DSS T-shirts, mugs, and more!

General Information:

The only source you need for all the facsimiles you want, along with translations for most

DSS Discussion List
A place to discuss all things HEMA with like-minded enthusiasts

Hugh Knight's Blog
Ramblings on various matters pertaining to the practice of HEMA

A Commonplace Book
Will McLean's blog on many subjects, but primarily the Middle Ages and medieval combat