Albion Swords
Probably the very best swords available

Arms & Armor
Superb weapons; they make our class practice sword, the Fechterspiel

The only wasters allowed in our classes, but also the source for dagger wasters, rubber pollaxe heads, VB practice swords, masks, and other gear.

Therion Arms
Low- to mid-quality gear; operated by an excellent businessman

Kult of Athena
A good collection of replica weapons and some other equipment.


Best Armor
A high-quality armorer from Czechoslovakia

Jeff Wasson, Armorer
A very highly skilled armorer

Windrose Armory
Good, solid stuff
Decent quality arming doublets (in spite of the name)

Historic Enterprises
A high-quality store selling arming clothes, mail, and high-end custom-made armor


Freelance Academy Press
A supplier of excellent books on HEMA

Hugh Knight's books
All the books you need for class

Other Equipment and Supplies:

Uniform Jackets
These are the standard uniform jackets for DSS classes

Absolute Force Gear
Protective gear for unarmored practice

DSS Cafe Press Store
The place to buy DSS T-shirts, mugs, and more!

General Information:

The only source you need for all the facsimiles you want, along with translations for most

DSS Facebook Group
A place to discuss all things HEMA with like-minded enthusiasts

Hugh Knight's Blog
Ramblings on various matters pertaining to the practice of HEMA

A Commonplace Book
Will McLean's blog on many subjects, but primarily the Middle Ages and medieval combat