1. The Judicial Duel in Fifteenth-Century Germany (PDF)
  2. The Three Wrestlings (PDF)
  3. On Armored Combat (PDF)
  4. Winden Plays from Codex Wallerstein (PDF)
  5. Some Observations on the Zornhau (PDF)
  6. Armored Sword and Shield Combat on Foot in the High Middle Ages (PDF)
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    Bloßfechten (unarmored fighting)

  1. RINGEN (grappling)
  2. DOLCHFECHTEN (dagger fighting)
  3. SCHWERT UND BUCKLER (sword and buckler)
  4. LANGENSCHWERT (longsword)

    Harnischfechten (armored fighting)

  1. STREITAXT (pollaxe)
  2. SPIEß (spear)
  3. HALBSCHWERT (halfsword)
  4. DOLCHFECHTEN (dagger fighting)
  5. KAMPFRINGEN (armored grappling)