Training Curriculum

VIII. Dolchfechten
(Medieval Dagger Techniques)

Two-handed Twist Out

The One-handed Twist Out is very flashy and can be effective, but a very strong opponent can sometimes smash right through your displacement, and the disarm action itself is somewhat weak as well. This play, however, has neither of those deficiencies and is, in my opinion, the best play in this entire chapter.

Figure 1 Figure 2
They start in the ready position on the bottom of page 35 except that Hugh is holding his dagger in a natural grip. In figure 1, Dave passes forward with an Oberstich and Hugh displaces it with an Upper Shield. Just as with the previous technique, Hugh rotates his dagger forward so that it passes between Dave’s dagger and arm, but this time Hugh’s hilt moves forward since he’s using a natural grip.

Figure 2 shows the start of the disarm. Hugh continues the forward motion of his hilt until it’s well over Dave’s arm, then he pushes forward and down with his point to strip the dagger out of Dave’s hand as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Figure 4

In figure 4 is a possible conclusion: Maintaining his grip on the dagger, Hugh pulls his hands back for a thrust.

Video of complete move:
Just as with the previous technique, this play must be done smoothly and with constant pressure on your attacker’s wrist. (Talhoffer 1467, plate 182b)