Training Curriculum

IX. Kampfringen (Wrestling)

Arm Bar Counter to the Knee Lift

Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1 Figure 2 In figure 1, Ian has begun to apply the Knee Lift to Greg.

In order to counter this throw, Greg rotates his body clockwise to his right while pushing Ianís arm to the inside. He then reaches up with his right hand to grab Ianís wrist and pulls Ianís arm forward in the direction of Gregís rotation as shown in figure 2.

Note that Greg has stepped slightly to his right with his right foot as he does so to strengthen his pull.
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Figure 3 Video of complete move:
Figure 3 Greg then passes forward with his left foot while applying a Straight Arm Bar to drive Ian to the ground.

The most important part of this technique is controlling Ianís strength: In der Kunst des Fechtens we are taught not to oppose strength directly, so Greg must push at right angles to the direction of Ianís attack and then use the rotation of his hips and the pull of his hand to drive the technique home. (Gladiatoria fol. 46r)