Training Curriculum

IX. Kampfringen (Wrestling)

Back Lever Throw

This, along with the arm bar, is possibly the most common grappling technique I have found in der Kunst des Fechtens. We see it in all sorts of applications and situations, with weapons and without. In this case the Back-lever Throw is seen in its most basic application, with no weapons at all.

Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1 Figure 2 In figure 1, Ian begins to reach for Greg to apply a lock or hold.

In figure 2, Greg passes forward with his right foot to step behind Ianís front foot while at the same sweeping Ianís grabbing arm away with his right hand. Since Ian was fairly close when he began his attack, Greg didnít need to begin his movement with a short lunge with his left foot, but had Ian been too far away Greg would have lunged just slightly forward with his left foot—just close enough for his right step.
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Figure 3 Figure 4:
Figure 3 Figure 4 The step with the right foot is critical to this technique. Greg must step deeply in behind Ianís knee and assume the Horizontal Stance as he does so, planting his right knee in the bend of Ianís left knee as firmly as he canóalmost kicking it into place so he can use his knee to unbalance Ian. Gregís foot must be firmly planted, too, not lifting up on the toes to try to place his knee closer because he didnít step deeply enough.

In figure 3, Greg sweeps back with both hands, one low and one as high as possible (the higher your push the harder it is to resist) to break Ian over his knee.

In figure 4, Ian is down: Greg should now follow with Unterhalten. (von Danzig fol. 56v)

Video of complete move: