Training Curriculum

IX. Kampfringen (Wrestling)

The Figure 4 Throw

Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 1 Picture 2 In picture 1, Ian is reaching for Greg to grab his head or neck, and Greg sweeps his arm up to stop Ianís attack.

Greg then strikes the thumb edge of his left hand into the crook of Ianís arm to force it to bend as we see in picture 2.

Note the position of Gregís right foot: Had Ian not stepped so deeply as he attacked Greg would have moved his right foot forward to place it near Ianís front foot but somewhat outside of it so that he has room to step through with his left foot.
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Picture 3 Picture 4
Picture 3 Picture 4 In picture 3, Greg applies the Figure-4 lock to Ianís arm and has passed through with his left foot far enough to unbalance Ian to the rear. Greg now applies strong downward pressure with both hands to drive Ian to the ground (picture 4).

Picture 5 No Video available yet
Picture 5 Picture 5 shows a close-up view of the Figure-4 lock: Note how Gregís left hand has grabbed the middle of his right forearm. Note, too, the direction of Gregís push: He is pushing down and to the insideóone common mistake with this throw is to push to the outside; this mistake will allow your opponent to straighten his arm and escape. (von Danzig fol. 59v)