Training Curriculum

VII. Halbschwert (Halfsword)

Arm Rip counter to an Oberstich

When the thrust comes down, raise your arms to block with the strong of your blade. Now step forward with your right foot as you move the pommel of your sword forward and over his left arm. As soon as your pommel is in place, yank back violently to tear his left hand off his hilt, which will bring you into the Second Guard. From there execute an Unterstich to a vital target.

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure 1 figure 2 Figure 1: On guard: Dave will thrust with an Oberstich.

Figure 2: Hugh lifts his sword to block Dave's Oberstich with the strong of his sword. He should try to meet Dave’s thrust as early as possible
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Figure 3 Figure 4
figure 3 figure 4 Figure 3: Hugh moves his pommel forward and over Dave's left arm, then starts to hook it backward. Note how the lever action of Hugh’s sword starts to pull Dave’s sword from his fingers; this technique isn’t just about the pulling action—you must also lift with your left hand as you pull down with your right to create the lever action.

Figure 4: Hugh continues to pull his sword hilt back toward the Second Guard…

Figure 5 Video of complete move:
figure 5 …until he reaches the Second Guard, then he thrusts up into Dave's armpit. He should then wind up into the Fourth Guard to drive his point home.