Training Curriculum

VII. Halbschwert (Halfsword)

Back-lever Throw

If he displaces your thrust to his right but keeps his point on line to threaten you then step forward to put your right foot behind your opponentís left foot (try to have your right knee against the back of his left knee) as you simultaneously move your hilt over his throat. Now yank him backward with your pommel and hilt over your right leg to his rear. This is called a "back lever" throw. Just like the Grab and Stab, the Back Lever Throw can be used from either an Oberstich or an Unterstich, but unlike it this technique can only be used when your opponent parries your thrust to his right.

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure 1 figure 2 Figure 1: On guard; Hugh will thrust at Dave's face.

Figure 2: Dave displaces Hugh's thrust to his right but keeps his point online.
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Figure 3 Video of complete move:
figure 3 Figure 3: Passing forward with his right foot, Hugh maintains contact with his sword against Dave's to control it as he hooks his pommel over Dave's throat and, stepping behind Dave's front leg, throws him over backward. Itís important to jam your knee tightly into the back of your opponentís knee as you perform this technique