Training Curriculum

VII. Halbschwert (Halfsword)

The Stabover

You are in First Guard and your opponent is in Second, and he executes an Unterstich. Lunge forward and stab the point of your sword down over the his wrist just behind his left hand. Now wind your sword down into the Second Guard while maintaining contact with your attackerís arm. From there, stab upward into his armpit.

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure 1 figure 2 Figure 1: Ian (on the left) has started to thrust at Matthew with an Unterstich from the Second Guard. Matthew is in the First Guard.

Figure 2: Matthew thrusts down powerfully over Ianís arm to block Ianís attack.
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Figure 3 Video of complete move:
figure 3 Figure 3: Matthew winds down into the Second Guard while keeping his sword firmly on Ianís arm and completes the technique by thrusting up into Dave's armpit. He should now follow through by moving up into the Fourth Guard to drive his point home.