Training Curriculum

V. Streitaxe (Pollaxe)


Absetzen means "setting aside", and it refers to a single-time thrust with opposition.

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure 1 figure 2 When you are in the Guard of the Low Dague and your opponent attacks with an Oberschlag you simply thrust your hands forward and up to execute a Double Oberstich (a two-handed thrust from above) into your opponentís face.

Your left hand should be pushed out to your left in the final position, not tight against your head. You will probably want to lunge in conjunction with the technique.
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Video of complete move:
As with the Schielhau, itís imperative that you donít attempt to block your opponentís attack; just do the technique as if his attack wasnít there, allowing his strike to crash harmlessly against your shaft as you do so.