Training Curriculum

V. Streitaxe (Pollaxe)

Queue Displacement

The Parry Queue is a fundamental concept of pollaxe combat. It is used against any Oberschlag (blow from above) done at a fairly steep angle. This can be done either from either the guard of the Low Queue or that of the High Dague.

From Low Queue you simply intercept the attack without moving your feet; from High Dague you can either pass forward with your left foot to close distance or pass backward with your right foot to open distance. Le Jeu specifically shows all three variations.

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure 1 figure 2 Either way, when the attack comes in you displace it with your queue, using the front side because your push is strongest that way, in an attempt to knock your opponent’s axe out of his hand. This must be done in a snappy motion, out past your opponent’s face then back quickly. (Figure 1)

Regardless of whether your opponent loses his grip immediately strike toward his face with a Single Oberstich (a thrust from above in a pool-queue fashion). (Figure 2)
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Figure 3 Video of complete move:
figure 3 If your opponent backs out of the engagement in an effort to avoid your thrust you should pass in with an Oberschlag to the head. (Figure 3)

If you learn no other pollaxe technique, learn this one. This is the essence of pollaxe combat: It shows how the lighter, faster Queue can be used to out-time the heavier, slower Croix and it teaches the idea of getting between your opponent and his axe.