Training Curriculum

VI. Speaß(Spear)

Halfsword Deflection

If you have cast your spear and he still retains his, put yourself into the Third Guard so that your sword is over your left knee. When he thrusts, step forward with your right foot using a passing step as you raise your sword and parry to your left with the point of your sword so that his spear point passes to your left side; make sure you raise your hilt higher than your point so that the spear has a tendency to slide off. This will make the parry much faster and prevent a "stop" from happening. To work correctly the parry has to be a mere flick of the point and nothing more—any hesitation or stopping and it won't work. Now step forward with your left foot, again using the passing step, and assume the first guard as you thrust into his face. Again, see the section on footwork: This double step has to be done in one smooth, continuous motion in order to work at all.

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure 1 figure 2 In figure 1, Christina is thrusting at Hugh's face; he stands ready in guard

In figure 2, Hugh lifts his sword up to deflect Christina's spear with the point while he passes forward on a 45-degree angle to his right and as deeply as he can. Hugh's hands move first to ensure the spear thrust is diverted in time. Remember, this isn't a block, it's merely a "pinning action" to prevent Christina from moving her point onto Hugh while he gets inside her range. Note that this is the same pinning technique Hugh used to close in from the throw.
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Figure 3 Figure 4
figure 3 figure 4 Figure 3: as soon as his right foot lands Hugh immediately drops his hands for the Unterstich to Christina's armpit while lunging forward with his left foot on a diagonal back toward her. Remember that this step must be done as "step-step", not "step-pause-step". It's a 1-2 action, not a 1-and-2 action; a continuous, non-stop motion.

In figure 4 we see the end of the play: Hugh winds up into the Fourth Guard and drives his point into the mail covering Christina's armpit.