Training Curriculum

III. Schwert und Buckler (Sword and Buckler)

Kron Complete

Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1 Figure 2 Matthew and Hugh start in Ochs and Pflug respectively as before (figure 1), and Hugh displaces Matthew’s Oberhau with the Kron with a turned-around hand as you’ve already been shown how to do (figure 2).
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Figure 3 Figure 4:
Figure 3 Figure 4 Here we see the reason for the turned-around hand: Hugh whips his sword around from the bind (note that he’s not hooking Matthew’s hand as is done in the Schnappen) into Ochs while passing forward with his left foot (figure 3).

At the same time he strikes the back of Matthew’s elbow with his buckler, turning Matthew away and preventing him from using his sword (figure 4).

Be sure to keep your sword on your opponent’s sword as you pass forward until you’re past his blade.

Hugh then finishes the play by thrusting down into Matthew’s back.

Video of complete move:
As with other plays of this kind it’s important not to have any pause or hesitation between the displacement and the thrust. This isn’t two movements–block then stab–it’s one single action, all connected together. (Talhoffer 1467 fol. 119r)