Training - Suppliers

Here is a list of suppliers and their wares that relate to die Schlachtschule: The School of Battle. Please note that only the items listed may be used in class.

Wooden longsword wasters
Get model L1 w/standard pommel
Wooden dagger wasters
Get the standard model
Rubber Pollaxe Heads
Get the rubber head only; the shaft should be rattan
Get the spear with Purpleheart Armoury Blunt & crutch tip bottom for $40.00; do not get any of the other options on this page.
Alternatively, you may just buy the shaft without the head (see Staves) and build your own padded thrusting tip. If you go this route, purchase the 1-1/4" x 8' round shaft.
DSS study guides
DSS practice uniform T-shirt
For men
For women
Steel practice longswords
a href="
Steel practice arming swords (discount for DSS students!)
Steel bucklers (get the nine-inch model *only*!)
Therion Arms also carries a good selection of the wooden wasters we use; check his prices before buying elsewhere.
Fencing Masks for Blossfechten

Armorers worth contacting

Note: *Please* contact Hugh before ordering armor!
Robert MacPherson
when only the very best will do
Dave Rylak
an experienced WMA student, he knows what you need (and is a great source for steel bucklers)
IceFalcon Armory
rattan, kydex gauntlets and very low-end armor
very nice Czech armor supplier
Medieval Reproductions
another high-quality armorer
Karl von Sussen
very good riveted mail and low-quality armor
Mad Mattís Armory
moderate quality armor thatís actually in stock
Rattan Suppliers (for pollaxe shafts) (for those on the East Coast) (for those on the West Coast)
And check out IceFalcon Armory;
he might be willing to do special orders if you tell him what itís for.