Training Curriculum

II. Dolchfechten
(Unarmored Dagger Techniques)

French Thrust Dagger Taking

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure1 figure2 Elijah attacks with a French Thrust and Hugh responds by passing forward with his right foot and grabbing Elijah’s wrist in both hands in figure 1.

Hugh maintains the grip of his right hand and grabs Elijah’s blade with his left in figure 2.

Figure 3 Figure 4
figure3 figure4 As before, Hugh drives the point of Elijah’s dagger into his body with a straight push (figure 4), after ripping it out of his hand to do so (figure 3).

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No specific Fechtbuch describes this technique (which isn’t surprising since only the Codex Wallerstein even mentions the French Thrust), but this is a simple extrapolation of the other dagger takings.