Training Curriculum

II. Dolchfechten
(Unarmored Dagger Techniques)

The Grab and Stab

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure1 figure2 Matthew attacks with an Oberstich in figure 1, and Hugh uses a rising displacement to stop the attack and then rotates his hand to grab Matthew’s wrist.

Hugh twists Matthew’s wrist to the outside (figure 2) and then thrusts to his body (figure 3).
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Figure 3 Video of complete move:
Figure 3 This sequence of photographs makes this technique look like three separate steps (or four if you count the initial displacement) but in reality it has to be done in one smooth, fast action with no hesitation; you should be making your thrust as soon as the attack has been neutralized.

Note, too, how Hugh’s wrist is up against Matthew’s blade in figure 3: the feeling here should be of pushing the dagger out of your opponent’s hand between his fingers and thumb. (Talhoffer 1467 pl. 172)