Training Curriculum

II. Dolchfechten
(Unarmored Dagger Techniques)

The Shear

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure 1 figure 2 In figure 1, Matthew attacks with an Oberstich and Hugh crosses his wrists to defend with the Cross Displacement. Note that Hugh keeps his dagger well out to the left so that the point is aimed at Matthew—not as a threat, but to ensure Matthew’s arm doesn’t hit against Hugh’s dagger.

In figure 2, Hugh has displaced Matthew’s attack using the Cross Displacement; he begins to move the blade of his dagger over Matthew’s wrist.
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Figure 3 Figure 4
figure 3 figure 4 In figure 3, Hugh has caught the blade of his dagger in his left hand, trapping Matthew’s arm.

In figure 4, Hugh pushes his hands down and leans over slightly which has the effect of applying a very painful lock against Matthew’s arm.

From there, Hugh could pass back with his right foot to unbalance Matthew to the South, then push down with both hands to drive Matthew to the ground. (Talhoffer 1467 pl. 187)

Video of complete move: