Training Curriculum

I. Ringen (Wrestling)

The First Wrestling

Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1 Figure 2 Matthew and Hugh stand in guard in figure 1; Hugh will seize the Vor and attack in this case, but, of course, this is only one way of using this technique.

Seeing his opportunity, Hugh explodes forward, driving off of his back leg for a long passing step; his step should place his left foot beside or slightly behind Matthew’s front foot and to the outside of it. At the same time, Hugh applies a Mortstöße by slamming a Hammerfist blow into Matthew’s throat. This will serve to break Matthew’s balance and ability to resist. Hugh also grabs the back of Matthew’s knee from the inside with his right hand.
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Figure 3 Video of complete move:
Figure 3 In figure 3, Hugh moves his back leg up slightly and then, using both legs plus the strength of his right arm, lifts Matthew straight up and back while pushing firmly with his left arm against Matthew’s throat. Done correctly, both of Matthew’s feet will leave the ground and the back of his head will slam into the ground, possibly breaking his neck.

This technique must be done with explosive speed and power. It should be used against an opponent who is stationary or pulling back slightly.